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Not the most traditional introduction to the world of filmmaking as he started out just wanting to fly planes. Whilst in a holding pattern, his passion for photography took him a different route. Then, whist honing those skills, he just slipped, somehow, into shooting moving images and particularly working with food, which quickly become his signature  and he now boasts a food reel which makes him a go to for the genre. A dip, a pour, a slice or a splash, from the epic to the simply beautiful, Andy has an eye for what works and most importantly how to make it work.

Andy’s broad experience and compositional eye however, means he has also worked extensively on fashion campaigns and in performance and comedy genres and has an enviable body of award winning work as a result.

His collaborative approach to every project is a breath of fresh air for most and coupled with his passion for making the beautiful, the epic, the emotive and the funny, means he remains a first choice Director.